Terah Chesbro

As a dedicated health researcher, bio-hacker and mother of two with a life-long interest in nutritive therapy and integrative mental health care, my passion for restoring balance and optimizing brain functionality grew out of my own decades of health and learning struggles.

Using neurofeedback training for myself, I have overcome the brain related results of years of chronic infections, allergies and IBS, that include memory, focus and attention issues (ADHD) as well as anxiety, stress and life disrupting emotional dysregulation. So severe in earlier life, I was not able to complete previous educational goals; now, pursuing and finally succeeding at mental health care/nutrition education, I am working on a nursing degree.

I believe neurofeedback brain training is an essential part of a wholistic approach to mental and emotional wellbeing.  I understand that the gut and brain are intricately interconnected, and I follow and coach clients from a brain health supporting, ancestral nutrition perspective.

A caring and attentive clinician, I am proficient in both qEEG guided and Infra-Low Frequency neurofeedback training methods.

My sincere desire is to provide clients a path to relief from ADHD, Anxiety, Stress, and mental/emotional dysregulation while helping to improve sleep, memory, educational performance and neuroplasticity; ultimately to re-engage with vibrant life!

We are complying with all recommended Federal, State and Local guidelines to ensure safe contact with our clients!

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