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Health & Wellness Coaching

Work with our coach on diet and lifestyle, sleep hygiene, Heart Rate Variability training, and accountability.

health and wellness coach Madison

Madison MacEocian

Functional Medicine Health Coach FMHCA, CGP,
HeartMath Coach & Mentor, 500 RYT

Health and Wellness Coaching

The Balanced Brain strives to offer our clients the most integrative elements of best mental health care. Nutrition and lifestyle, what you eat, gut issues, and sleep hygiene for instance, all have impacts on our brain health and when not attended to can limit the success of brain training.

Nothing works in a vacuum. So our program includes working with our functional medicine trained health coach Madison MacEocian.

She is well trained in evaluating these other aspects of your health and guide you in implementing improvements that will help you realize the full potential of your neurofeedback training with us.

If you’re a health and wellness professional and have clients who are in need of support or someone who needs some guidance on navigating the complicated health data that has come your way, Madison is here to help!

Her services are available hourly or in discounted packages.