Madison MacEocain

FMHCCGPHeartMath Coach & Mentor, 500 RYT

Madison MacEocain is a graduate of the Institute of Functional Medicine’s Health & Wellness Coaching Academy FMHCA, where she learned how some of the most prominent Doctor’s in the field of Functional Medicine approach chronic illness and overall health management. Her study of passion is chronic inflammation and how the internal environment of the body and its systems is critical in healing from dis-ease.

As a Certified Gluten Practitioner through Dr. Tom O’Bryan training courses, she is trained to understand the symptoms of Non-Specific Gluten Sensitivity and work with those who have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease, and other Gluten related conditions, guiding them in their new life without Gluten and healing from its effects on the body.

Madison has been helping people manage stress, since 2003, through Yoga and is a 500 RYT through the international association, Yoga Alliance. She is also a certified HeartMath Coach/Mentor and holds group sessions using both Yoga & HeartMath to help people manage their stress on a day to day level.

A student of Andrea Nakayama’s Functional Nutrition Alliance (graduating March 2020), Madison has seen how the Digestive System is a critical component to maximizing health transitions for inflammation management, IBS, autoimmune symptom relief, nutrient absorption and weight management.

The power of the group can be invaluable when delving into a path of healing from discomfort (weight gain) and dis-ease (chronic inflammation). Madison holds small group workshops for those who are serious about health transformation and they are by invitation only. Her workshops include preparation for all Food Plans such as the elimination diet, keto diet and anti-inflammation diet. Once one has successfully completed her preparation workshops they may also choose to move towards gentle cleanses and detox programs.

Education & Certifications

  • Functional Medicine Health Coaching Academy

  • Certified Gluten Practitioner

  • HeartMath Coach/Mentor

  • Yoga 500 RYT

  • Reiki Master

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