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Achieve Resiliency: Learn from John and Madison’s Discussion on Breathing, HeartMath™, and Neurofeedback

We know that all of our minds are designed differently, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to managing stress. How we deal with difficult situations in our lives, then, often relies on discovering creative ways to develop resiliency. That’s why The Balanced Brain invited John and Madison to exchange their unique perspectives on how breathing, heart tones, and visualizations can help each of us stay focused during challenging times in life. Join them for this fascinating conversation as they explore different avenues for building strong mental health!

The Connection Between Breath and Brain Functioning

Speeding through life and missing precious moments? Stretched too thin and feeling overwhelmed? These are common symptoms of today’s modern lifestyle, but is there a solution to getting back in touch with our bodies and restoring balance in the brain? The answer may surprise you: breathwork. In this blog post, we will discuss the connection […]

The Balanced Brain Coaching Experience: Health Coaching That Changes Lives

Have you been feeling like there has to be more to life but not sure how to get it? Are you ready for lasting transformation in your health, mindset, and wellness that will move the needle forward in achieving success? We’re here to tell you that transformation is possible—through The Balanced Brain coaching experience. With […]

Stress reduction with HeartMath biofeedback

Understanding the mechanics of stress gives you the advantage of being more aware of and sensitive to your own level of stress and knowing when and how to take proactive steps

Do you have chronic pain?

For chronic pain, the medical community is beginning to embrace the concept of “top down” pain management, “top down” meaning that pain, because it is completely produced in the brain can be relieved by brain training.

Electricity and Chemistry – two brain systems

Two systems govern how our brains operate, electrical and chemical, and they engage in an elaborate dance to determine how we interact with the world. How we work with those two systems is the subject of this fascinating article by Adrian Van Deusen.