QIK Test with EEG Expert delivers 20-minute Continuous Performance Tests with an excellent multi-page analysis. State-of-the-art mathematics become simple to use along with the most advanced Norm available in the industry. Multi-dimensional graphical charts make the reports easy to read. Daily, weekly, monthly charts available.

An ultra flexible, stand alone device for performing patient progress tracking and continuous performance testing with unprecedented accuracy. The average response time, variability of response time, number of commission errors and number of omission errors will be displayed. Speed, accuracy and consistency are all being measured, and will be compared to norms after the full test.

As therapists we need multiple sources of information for our work with patients and clients in order to get a comprehensive overview. We get valuable results from the evaluation of permanent attention tests. With the QIKtest you perform a 21-minute permanent attention test – during which every of the 600 reactions are being monitored with high precision.

We are complying with all recommended Federal, State and Local guidelines to ensure safe contact with our clients!

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