After earning my bachelor’s degree in Psychological and Brain Sciences, I felt that the world of brain health was lacking in my university studies. Having learned about the ambitious promises of pharmacological solutions to the exploding epidemic of cognitively burdened individuals, I craved a more human approach- one that utilized the resources within and around us.

Upon my search for the holistic approaches my studies lacked, I learned of neurofeedback training. I was astounded by the widespread application of this treatment as well as its noninvasiveness. It was the most intuitive approach that I’d seen: simply teaching the brain to correct its own inefficiencies. Being raised in an environment that prioritized mental, physical, and spiritual health equally, I learned the importance of maintaining a strong relationship between the three.

Working at The Balanced Brain, I have found that John and Terah abide by very similar tenets, and they work passionately to help clients achieve a strong mind-body connection with a whole-person approach.

As a neurofeedback clinician, I have witnessed the power of neurofeedback treatment firsthand and continue to broaden my scope with each client. My primary responsibility is the conducting of one-on-one brain training sessions which includes the application of EEG sensors according to the international 10-20 system and operation of neurofeedback equipment and software programs.

Although each aspect of my role here at TBB has its rewards, I’d say the most fulfilling is seeing a client experience their first positive change. The relief they wear when they finally get a good night’s sleep or are able to get through their first day without a migraine proves to me each day the inherent power of the brain’s ability to heal itself.