Fox News published this article today on neurofeedback brain training to relieve symptoms of ADHD, PTSD and more.  Comparing it to going to the gym, neurofeedback teaches the brain to have better self regulation, to achieve a calmer state and promote optimal function. As the article says “to dial down your stress levels and help you tap into your potential”

Peak performance using neurofeedback


Cortisol levels reduced with neurofeedback

There is a discussion on weight gain, fatigue and insomnia and the connection to excess adrenal output of cortisol.  Cortisol has been widely discussed as a contributing factor in many conditions.   Neurofeedback can be a great way to get the endocrine system back in balance without the use of any medications.


Peak Performance training with neurofeedback

Special note is given to the use of neurofeedback in athletic training.  Commonly called peak performance training, neurofeedback can help athletes, or anyone for that matter, achieve the “flow” state.  That’s the state of synchrony between body and mind that makes for optimal performance.  Dr Judson Brewer of Yale, mentioned here in other posts, has been investigating this mind state in his research.




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