Why have drug manufacturers largely abandoned seeking out new psychiatric drugs? Why did Stephen Hyman, the former head of the National Institute of Mental Health state last year “it is hard to think of a single truly novel psychotropic drug that has emerged in the last thirty years.”? Because this is a fools errand, the brain is far too complex and organ to be manipulated by bathing it in powerful medications, the mechanisms of which are largely unknown, in an attempt to correct behavior. This supports us in the neurofeedback community who know that, given enough useful information, the brain is perfectly capable in most circumstances of discovering its own innate abilities to self regulate and correcting those behaviors without the complex side effects of foreign chemicals. It’s time the medical community got on board with what we’ve known for decades.  An excellent article by Gary Greenberg in The New Yorker magazine discuss this issue at length.  Give it a read and tell me what you think.

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